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Tax Knowledge You Can Rely On

Hayden Consulting, Inc. in Carmel, Indiana, will see that your tax returns are completed in the best manner possible, ensuring more money in your pocket. We offer business consulting and taxation services throughout Central Indiana.

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Tax Return Preparation

It's a fact of life — everyone pays taxes. Hayden Consulting works year-round to minimize the tax burden and maximize the cash balance for our clients. Preparation of individual and business tax return has been the core of our business, with each return carefully prepared by experienced members of our team.

Most of us hate paying taxes. However, for this great country to operate, taxation is inevitable. At Hayden Consulting, our job is to minimize taxes owed so a taxpayer legitimately keeps as much money as possible. We work tirelessly to assure every deduction taken from a taxpayer is legitimate, and a return filed is prepared according to the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code. Due to the complexity of the tax code, most people do not have the insight to interpret its meaning. That's where Hayden Consulting comes in. Our professionals are skilled in the complexity of the tax code for individuals and business alike.

Tax Planning

Year-round monitoring of tax law changes allows our clients to minimize current and future tax liabilities. Implementation of a due date tax compliance monitoring system prevents costly penalties and interest assessments attributable to late filing. These are just a few of the concepts used to save money for our clients. Without proper planning too much tax is paid.

To minimize, reduce, or perhaps delay taxes indefinitely requires special expertise and careful planning. To accomplish this, the use of a customized retirement plan, trusts, or the simple choice of the correct business entity is utilized. An absence of planning is like flying without a rudder, with no way to guide transactions through the shark infested waters of the Internal Revenue Code.

Tax Consulting

Should you wish to evaluate your current tax preparer to determine if the firm is doing the best job possible; bring your returns to us and we will evaluate them for free. Our specialists will discover obvious errors inherent in a return. We specialize in evaluating the merits of tax returns prepared by others. If you are concerned with a certain event coming up, which may have tax consequences, make an appointment and we will advise you on the effects on your tax situation.

Tax consulting has many faces, either used for a second opinion, to establish a consensus on a desired result, or look at a new approach. Our goal is to see that each taxpayer pays as few taxes as legally possible. From our perspective, a taxpayer is better off arriving at an answer before an event occurs rather than to be surprised and find out after the fact that a transaction took too many dollars out of their pocket. Our firm does not want that to happen and will work diligently to arrive at the lowest tax possible.

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IRS/State Representation

When the IRS has selected your tax returns for audit Hayden Consulting can help. Our team members know the tax code. If we prepared the returns, we are also aware how those returns were put together. Hayden Consulting has been successful with representation before the Internal Revenue Service and local tax authorities in deriving settlements during an audit.

Unpaid taxes that become burdensome may require the skills of a third party to arrive at a settlement. Negotiating Offers in Compromise to resolve tax debt is a specialty. Anytime someone deals with the IRS can be a hair-pulling experience.